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Road Trip Travel Tips

We just got back from our annual family trip to Pensacola, Florida and since it's so fresh on my mind I figured now would be a good time to do a post on some travel tips I've learned along the way!

We've gone to the beach with my dads side of the family every summer since I was a tiny girl, starting in Bolivar Peninsula, and when I was in middle school we moved the vacation to Pensacola Beach. Every year I look forward to this trip and now having kids of my own I feel so lucky to make new memories with them!

We've always driven and I can remember my parents waking me up in the middle of the night to hop in the car and start our lil' adventure. It felt like Christmas Eve each year and this was the first year I could feel the excitement from Jax as I put him to bed the night before we left. It's an 8 hour drive and I actually prefer driving to flying because I like being able to pack everything we need. And with little kids there seems to be a LOT you need. My kids have been as young as 4 months and as old as 3 years when we've gone so I've tailored this list to babies and toddlers!

I've created one list of some of my absolute favorite items that we've used over the years and a complete packing list for your little ones. One thing I left off is PATIENCE! Traveling with kids is never easy and the trip will most likely go nothing like you've planned, so try to be patient and enjoy the chaos! They're only little for a little while. :)

A few extra tips:

- We always leave in the middle of the night. We time it so we've driven about 4-5 hours before the sun rises and at that point the boys will usually wake up and we'll stop in a chick fil a to eat breakfast and let them run around for a while before we drive again. We put a sound machine in the car for them and recline their car seats as far as they'll go the night before.

-We set up the blackout curtains as soon as we get to the house. We all share a room and this past year we had Jett (18 months) in the pack n play, Phil and I in a queen bed and Jackson (3 years) in a twin bed. I pushed the twin bed up against the wall and wedged a pillow underneath the fitted sheet/mattress protector to act as a barrier. He moves all over in his sleep and this keeps him from falling off the bed!

-Bring a loud sound machine to keep right inside the door to block as much noise from the rest of the house as possible.


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