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Pantry Organization Part 1

I have been SO EXCITED about this since I started dreaming up this project and have found some pretty cool organizational items to make this pantry as functional as possible. This is only Part I, I’ve ordered some special things to really make this space incredible but wanted to share where I’m at so far! Links below :)

Amazon Jars (walnut lids)

I ordered a bunch of different jars and these were by far my favorite- they come with gray silicone pads for the base but I like the look without them better so left them off. They’re air-tight and I've store pasta, grains, cookies, marshmallows and granola in various sizes!

Spaghetti Jars (Lighter wood lids)

I loved these as well! I have spaghetti in the tall skinny ones and then flour and sugar stored in the wider ones.

I ordered two options but chose these because they’re beautiful! They’re technically best for cereal/granola but I put oatmeal in one because we eat this more and it works just fine! The boys are able to dispense themselves.

I searched everywhere before deciding on these bins! I wanted something with clear lids so you can see from the top and I wanted them air tight with sides that are straight so they fit correctly in the drawer. These checked all the boxes! I put our most-used snacks in here so the boys can pack their own snacks for school and it's helpful because I'm able to see when we're running low on something and need to re-stock. It's obviously beautiful to look at but it really has been SO functional since I set it all up!

My mom actually had these bins and offered to let me try them to see if they work, and they work PERFECTLY in these drawers! I'm able to fit 7 in each and again, it gives the kids easy access to snacks! These also have straight sides which I wanted.

I added some cute kitchen books that I'll probably never read because I don't really enjoy cooking but they're pretty to look at!

And that's it for now! I'll do an updated post when I've installed the additional features.

Xx Lauren


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