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Pantry Makeover: The Vision

The pantry makeover is well underway but I realize I haven’t shared my vision for the space! That’s mostly because I hadn’t finalized it until very recently, but now it’s where I’m happy and want to share!

I’ve read comments saying my ‘before’ was already a dream pantry and think it’s worth mentioning again that the before WAS such a great pantry! I was so thankful for it, coming from a home with the tiniest ‘pantry’ ever. We used to use cabinets as our pantry! But after almost 8 years in this home with a huge pantry, and countless amounts of time spent trying to organizing just to have it back to a disaster again, I want to create a more functional space for our family. Bigger doesn’t always mean better. And also, this is MY dream house. 😉

I knew I wanted lots of drawers, closed upper cabinets to hide boxed foods and some open storage for things like pasta, grains, etc.

I found a ton of inspiration on Pinterest and created a Pinterest board with some pantry’s I love, and then started sketching up plans by hand. I actually drew up FOUR plans before committing to one, then designed it in SketchUp, tweaking it until I was happy. And this is what I came up with! I created different Phases to show how I’d be installing/building everything.

The space is approx 7’x9.5” with 12’ ceilings.

SketchUp is such a great tool to help visualize a space- I’ve found it easiest to use on my iPad and this is the tutorial that helped me the most in learning how to use it!

Next I’ll be sharing the demo & Phase I install process!


Mar 26

What tile is this?


Mar 24

Where did you get the railings for the shelves? And all the handles in general?


Jan 19

What made you choose this corner piece? I have the same type of pantry when it comes to size but it’s a horseshoe shape so I will have two corners and I cannot settle on how I want to approach the corners.

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