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Ideas to Keep Your Kids (of all ages!) Busy While Stuck at Home

With the spread of COVID-19 and many schools shutting down to be safe, many of us have our little ones stuck at home for the next few weeks! Being a stay at home mom, I've found many activities to keep us entertained over the years and I wanted to share some ideas for those of you who may be stuck and need some inspiration! I've started with the little ones and farther down the list you can find ideas for your older kids. I hope everyone enjoys their family time and that you all stay healthy!

BUSY TODDLER: This website has gotten us through many summers at home and Susie is an absolute genius at creating activities for little ones with items you probably already have lying around the house! Her entire site is full of ideas, but this particular post is for indoor activities.

TODDLER FRIENDLY ACTIVITIES: These are all simple and creative ways to keep your toddlers entertained! Perfect for the smaller ones at home.

50 Toddler Activities for Home: Here are some more fun ideas for your toddler- a lot of these are a bit messier so it's up to you what kind of 'mom mood' you're in! :)

50 Activities for Young Children: Good Housekeeping came up with a great list of DIY activities for slightly older children. Everything from DIY glow bubbles, to temporary tattoos, to activities that can help out the environment!

25 Indoor Exercise Games to Get Kids Moving: I'm a huge fan of anything to help get some energy out of my boys, so this list is great! It includes plenty of ideas to help wear them out when they're stuck inside.

87 Energy-Busting Indoor Activities For Kids: I LOVE this list! She has so many creative ways to entertain your kids and tweens. We've already used a few from her site!

50+ Activities for Tween Boys: Tween/Teen boys would play on their ipads/videogames all day if you let them- this is a great list of activities for them to use their hands and get their minds working!

Sensory Activities for Older Children: I didn't know much about 'light play' before reading this post, but it was interesting to me and I thought many of the activities sounded so fun for the older kids out there!

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