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Hospital Bag!

If you already know what I actually brought with me to the hospital for my most recent birth- you're probably wondering what in the world is this girl giving hospital bag advice on?! My water unexpectedly broke 3 weeks early and me, being the massive procrastinator I am, hadn't packed my bag yet! I didn't even know 100% whether it was my water that broke so I wasn't planning on bringing anything to the hospital until my nurse told me to act like I would be having the baby that day. I threw things together as fast as I could and of course that included the necessities such as 3 pairs of thong underwear. Not kidding. (:

I have, however, done this three times and feel like I know all the things you really NEED to bring with you. For your first child you tend to bring everything but the kitchen sink, and that's totally okay! But I get asked often what I would recommend to bring so here goes!

For Baby:

Keep in mind your hospital will have diapers, wipes, blankets, hats...all the necessities so don't waste space on those items unless you have a specific brand of diapers/wipes you want to use. And make sure to bring home EVERYTHING with you- you're paying for it!

-SLEEPERS I recommend footed sleepers with the fold-over hand cuffs and a ZIPPER! Makes diaper changes much easier.

-SWADDLE Halo sleep sacks have always been my favorite swaddles!

-GOING HOME OUTFIT If you have a special outfit you'd like to bring baby home in, or even just to snap a few photos, I'd pack it! I just brought a cute pair of footed sleepers.

-GOING HOME BLANKET For the car ride home you'll want a soft blanket to lay over baby.

-PACIFIER Some babies never take them and some people warn about nipple confusion, but I gave all 3 of my kids pacis immediately and if they take them, it will make your life easier! It also helps while baby is getting ear scans/tests done.

For Mama:

Everyone's different but my main suggestion is bring something to wear that's not tight-fitting and makes you feel comfortable!)

-CHAPSTICK(!!!) That hospital air is dry and I kept chapstick right next to me for the entire stay!

-NURSING BRAS Welcome to your new job as an on-demand milk bar! Gotta keep 'em ready and available.

-NURSING TOP/PANTS OR GOWN This is my fave gown to wear postpartum! Super easy and comfy.

-SLIPPERS I know a lot of people prefer to have their own slippers with them, but they do have socks with grippers at the hospital which I choose to wear while there.

-FLIP FLOPS For taking a shower and going home!


-MOISTURIZER I don't wear makeup during labor because my labors last forEVER, but I've has this stuff on my face the past two births and it makes me feel as clean and fresh as possible!

-DRY SHAMPOO Because I bring this anywhere I go while staying overnight

-TOILETRIES Shampoo, Conditioner, body wash....basically what you would bring for any overnight stay

-BLOW DRYER + BRUSH I like to shower and wash my hair after giving birth so I bring a blow dryer, brush and straightener with me in case I'm up to straightening it.

For Partner:

-JACKET/HOODIE Because it'll be cold and the last thing you want to hear is "Gosh it's freezing in here' while you're pushing a whole human out your V.

-PILLOW Might as well make them as comfortable as possible while they're sitting there watching you do Gods work.

-SLIPPERS See above.


-CAMERA If you want to take some photos of baby while he/she's fresh!

-LONG PHONE CHARGERS So you can comfortably scroll the gram while in labor.

-PORTABLE SPEAKER If you want to play your own music softly

-OILS If this is your thing and you want to create a calming environment.

-CAR SEAT Because I don't think they'll let you take the baby without one.

-EAR PLUGS/EYE MASK For you and/or your partner. I use an eye mask and was so happy I had one!

-GLASSES/CONTACTS So you can see that cute little babe you just made!

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