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Men's Holiday Gift Guide - 2019

Shopping for men can be tough- for all different reasons. You either have no clue what they want and no idea where to start or the second you ask them what they need, they just buy it for themselves before Christmas even arrives!

The best gifts I've bought for Phil over the years have been things I know he'll use. Practical gifts are great when you overhear him talking to friends about how they 'have to try them' weeks later! I don't like the idea of just buying a bunch of stuff that ends up sitting in a closet for years...which is why I've made sure each thing on this list is something he would use (all the time!).

Each thing on this gift guide has been a favorite of Phil's and he's personally given his stamp of approval. :) Happy gifting!

He's been wearing these for over a year and swears by them!

Smells amazing- the best cologne and I don't think I'll ever let him switch!

We use this thing all the's a wheelbarrow, dolly, cart and there are many attachments you can buy for it!

Phil took Jax to get his haircut by his hair girl one day and when he got back I COULD NOT stop smelling his head. I made him go buy the hair paste and hairspray and it's all I use on the boys! Phil now uses it as well.

These are so comfy every man in my family now owns them. I even bought a pair for myself too!

We discovered OluKai on our honeymoon in Hawaii 5 years ago. I'll never own another flip flop because of how good these are! They're another family favorite and every year at the beach house we're checking sizes to figure out whose are whose!

Phil loves cooking pork butts in this thing and I love eating them!

Phil absolutely loves this thing and every time he grills he talks about how helpful these are!

Cheap way to make his iWatch more professional for work.

The best polo! Comes in many different colors, doesn't show sweat as much as any of his others and it's just the right length.

We switched over from Bose to Sony because of the pairing ability and overall sound quality was super impressive. The lights also sync with the music which is fun for parties!

I bought this briefcase for Phil a few years ago after researching SO many different ones. I love the quality of FRYE and it's super nice without having a brand or logo that tells you what it is.

Our favorite knives- and who can have too many knives!?

Phil found these from when he was in the Marine Corps and used them recently for a wedding. We all thought it was hilarious but his shirt looked damn good tucked in!

These are both Phil and my favorite socks. They're contoured and NOTICEABLY better than any other socks I've ever tried.

I kept hearing people talk about this kit so I bought it for Phil two years ago just to see what was so great about it...he loves it!

I use this blower almost DAILY. We're outside so much I like to blow the dirt off the porch/furniture as well as cleaning out the garage!


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