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Kid's Holiday Gift Guide - 2019

Before having kids, I SWORE I wouldn't be that mom with a million toys cluttering every square inch of the home. Fast forward a few years and I'm amazed at how HARD it is to keep toys from building up in the house! I have to routinely go through their toys- throw away small parts that are never used, donate things I know they don't really play with or hide away certain things to bring them back and give them new life a few months later. I try my hardest to go for quality over quantity and not get toys that have a trillion parts, but even so they just tend to build up. I'm working now to get rid of as many as possible to get ready for the holidays!

There are certain toys we've had that have been absolute staples over the past few years and I wanted to share the boy's favorites with you! We've loved everything on this list and I would buy them all again in a heartbeat!

Absolute most used and loved item in our home. I did a makeover of ours and love how it turned out. The 'EZ Assembly' part of this particular home is AMAZING. So simple and fast to build compared to most any other one out there!

This has been set up in our playroom for over 2 years and is a place they go to hide, read, lay down, and jam all the toys they can fit!

I was amazed how early on Jett picked up how to use this scooter (15 months). It comes with a seat but both boys prefer the scooter. I drove to 3 different stores to find the last one when I was searching my city to buy another for my other son!

We got this kitchen when Jax was about 9 months old. He could pull up on it so we bolted it to the wall in our kitchen and they have a space to play while we hangout!

This has been a huge hit since day 1 in our home- there's a reason it's a classic!

This stuff is SO MUCH BETTER than kinetic sand/rocks in my opinion! It doesn't dry out like the others and is way easier to clean. It holds a shape better and this tool box is perfect for keeping everything in one place!

The boys both love this thing and Jett learned how to use it early on! I love that's it's still screen free, educational and there are so many books to choose from depending on their age/interests!

This thing actually sucks and has buttons that make it sound like a real vacuum. Huge hit in our home!

These come in all different animals and are fun indoors + outdoors!

This comes with a pack of two so the kids can race!

This is only supposed to be for 1 rider but my two boys (23 and 43 lbs) both squeeze their butts in to ride! It comes with a remote so the parent can take over too!

We have 4 sets of these, so much fun and they glow in the dark!

It's like Bingo for kids, Jax has played this at least 1,000 and I actually enjoy playing with him!

We've gone through a few mowers and this is our favorite. Simple and they love to 'mow' along with our yard guys!

I originally bought this as a ball pit when Jax was maybe 8 months old. He LOVED it and we never took it outside!

This was the best price I could find on these balls that are great quality! 400 may sound like a lot but we bought 2 sets because once they're in there it doesn't seem like much!

This may be a summer toy but we use it year 'round here in Texas! We've been through maybe 5 water tables and this has been their favorite (and the one that's lasted!)

Great quality set of pretend food. They can use the knife to "cut" each piece which is held together by velcro!


These are so fun and wipe off easily with a wet wipe!

We stay well-stocked with them, the boys love them!

You can never have enough play doh! Get a pack of these and divide between stockings!

They love the chocolate and love the little surprise toy that comes inside!


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