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Playhouse Makeover

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This is definitely one of my most requested DIYs and has been used by my boys just about every day since it was completed! I started looking for a playhouse for the boys after my parents purchased one for their home and I saw how obsessed Jax was with it. The absolute cheapest one I liked was close to $400, so I started to look at re-sale sites to try my luck. That FIRST weekend I found this one unboxed for $100! I 100000% recommend this exact one because it's one of the most affordable out there (even paying full price) but also because it's SO incredibly easy to put together. I helped my mom assemble her playhouse and it took HOURS. It came with a trillion parts and although it's super cute, I almost burned it down before we finished building the thing because of how frustrating the assembly was. The main structure of this house comes together, so you just unfold it and then screw in the roof and windows/accessories. Much faster and easier! It was sold out FOREVER on both walmart and Jet (available on amazon but for twice the price!) but it's now back in stock! Here's how I made over mine so you can make your own.

I started by painting the entire house white and spray painting all the plastic pieces (except for the roof) black. Our playhouse will be under our covered patio so I just used some white paint I had in my garage, but if yours will be exposed to the elements I would use paint specifically for outdoors and then seal it!

I liked the green color of the roof so I kept it. I then painted the inside shelves white to match the house, and then stained the outside planters to match the color of the door. Once everything was painted and dried, I assembled the playhouse and attached the shelves to the house. I attached the house number (my son chose 2 because he was 2 at the time) and I used a command hook to hang the wreath to the front door. It was all super simple, the painting obviously took the most time but it wasn't bad and it keeps from having something so big be an eyesore whether it's in your home or outside!

I LOVE to see your take on my DIYs so please share them with me if you make your own!


Faux Potted Plant (9, I purchases 3/planter)


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