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Aspen: Last Family Vacation as 3

Phil and I wanted to take one last family vacation before we become a family of four and thought it'd be fun to let Jax see snow for the first time. We chose Aspen hoping they'd get some snow before we arrived because so far they'd had none at all! The night before we got there a front rolled thru and they got a few inches so we were welcomed to a beautiful (and freeeezing) winter wonderland.

Our whole trip was exactly what we needed, being off season Jax was free to run wild and do his thing without us worrying about him getting lost in a crowd. He's still too young for ski school but he had a blast going up the roller-coaster (gondola) and catching snowflakes on the top of the mountain. He also LOVED helping Phil with the wood-burning fireplace...almost as much as Phil loved going to get more wood about 4x/day so Jax could help. :)

During nap time one day, I had Phil attempt to take maternity photos with me. We never had them done with Jax and I figured if I was going to take some this time around it might as well be while we were in such a beautiful setting. Only problem was that I was wearing a thin, cotton dress and the 'feels like' temps were barely above zero degrees! Phil took some of me then we used my tripod and the self-timer to take some of the both of us and it only took a few tries of running back and forth before we were laughing so hard we couldn't even take a normal picture! Just looking at the photos now makes me laugh knowing what it took to get them!

Here are a few photos from our trip. :)


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