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The Boys' Christmas Playroom

Happy December 1st! I can't believe how quickly the year has gone by but I'm SO excited for this December. It will be Jett's first Christmas and Jax's first year to begin to understand the meaning and be able to really celebrate with us!

I remember my mom making each holiday so special for us kids with décor of our own and as simple as that is it was something I really looked forward to each year. We love to spend time up here so it's nice to have it all decked out!

I took these prints of Jax when he was six months old and recently updated them with Jett's photos. They've been blown up to 20x30 and I just had them printed at Costco! The storage bins are from Ikea (the Trofast series). I bought them in pine and stained the wood + decorated the bins myself.

This is our first year to bring out our Elf on the Shelf and Jax still hasn't named it but I'm excited to get him into it! I've linked products at the bottom of this page!

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without these cling-on things that will be shredded to pieces and stuck to everything in this room for months to come! :)

These prints are from Etsy and I just had them printed at Costco.


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