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DIY Wooden Benches With Metal Legs

So I've been wanting to add benches to this entry hall for about a year now and have been searching high and low for inspiration and benches that fit just right. Fast forward a year later and I'm no further ahead than when I started. I realized I didn't want benches that stood out and made a statement, but more of something that matched well with what furniture I already have and just flowed. They needed to be narrow enough to not take up too much space of the hallway and just wide enough to fit well with the mirrors which cancelled out pretty much all of the benches I really liked. So I decided to look into buying bench legs to make them myself and discovered there are MANY options that I could use to create something to my exact specifications. Phil got me a piece of wood for my birthday (so sexy, I know) and it was the most perfect and thoughtful start to creating these babies!

Let me start out by saying this can be done by ANYBODY and if you're new to the DIY world you've come to the right place! It's such a perfect starter project for a newbie or a quick day-project for someone who loves using their hands and wants something they're able to get done during nap time.

Tools Needed

Saw (to cut wood if it's too long)


Tape Measure

Hand Sander


Eye and Ear protection

Supplies Needed

Wood for bench seat

Chair Legs

Stain or Paint (whichever look you prefer)

Approximate Total Cost: Mine came out to be about $80 per bench

Choose Your Bench Legs + Buy Wood for Seat

We have a local lumbar yard that we love in Houston which is where my husband bought the wood. A quick google search can help you find a place close by that sells lumbar! My piece was 8' long which is perfect because I needed two 4' benches. As for my bench legs, I was debating between hair pin legs and thicker steel legs and decided on the thicker steel ones. I found this great shop off Etsy and was able to order the exact width and height that I needed- it was VERY reasonably priced and arrived quickly so I was happy! They also have hairpin legs which were cheaper if you prefer that look.

Distress, Sand, and Stain Wood

I wanted the wood to look more aged so I nicked it up with a hammer and screws and then smoothed it off with a hand sander. I used Miniwax Walnut stain which I had from previous projects and put on a light coat and then wiped it off immediately so it didn't get too dark. One light coat ended up being just what I wanted so I re-attached the legs and was good to go! I'm telling you - YOU CAN DO THIS! And I'd love to see so if you create your own PLEASE tag me or send me a photo!


Xx, Lauren


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