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DIY Boho Wood Wall

This is a great 1-day project for anyone who's not a pro at working with wood and wants to create a big impact in a small space. There are so many different ways you can go with it too- I started out thinking I'd paint everything matte black but once I held up the unfinished wood against the black wall I loved the idea of staining it! This was done for a boys playroom but by switching up the design and colors it could easily be used for a girls room, bathroom, dining room, you name it!

Tools Needed

Miter Saw Nail Gun Tape Measure, Straight Edge, Pencil Eye and Ear protection

Supplies Needed

Wood molding (I bought mine at Home Depot for $.70/ft, it was 1/2"x3/4" pine) Paint/Stain for the wall + wood ( I used 'tricorn black' by SW) 1” Nails

Approximate Total Cost: $100

Choose Your Colors + General Design

Once you have a general idea of what look you want to go for, paint your wall and sketch out the design you want to create. For my wall I wanted a boho/boyish look and didn't sketch any design, just added wood pieces as I went. If you want to do a more symmetrical design I would definitely recommend sketching it out first and measuring how long each piece of wood should be before hand, making adjustments as you go.

Because I 'free-handed' it, I left the wood natural and stained it once it was up on the wall. I would recommend staining the wood BEFORE you attach it to the wall, but because I wasn't 100% sure what direction I wanted to go and because my wall was painted black it didn't end up being much of a problem.

Start Assembly, Making the Frame First

The first thing I did was to frame out the entire wall, using the nail gun to attach the wood into studs. Then I went along, piece by piece, measuring out how long I needed to make my pieces. I made it easy on myself and every cut was a 45 degree angle. Even if you already have a design planned out, I would still measure and cut the wood as you go because your wall may not be perfectly even.

I also used my phone to take a photo of the wall and draw lines to see whether I liked the look of it or not before actually cutting/nailing the wood to the wall!

And that's all there was to it! I didn't end up using caulk so it really was a quick and easy project with barely any mess!


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