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Copper + Wood Plant Stand

Tools Needed

Circular Saw (You can also use a hand saw if that's all you have)

Sanding Sponge/Sandpaper

Tape Measure + Pencil

Eye Protection

Supplies Needed

Wooden Dowel (I used a 6' long dowel that was 5/8" in diameter)

8 Copper Tees

Paint/Stain (I painted mine black with basic craft paint)

Approximate Total Cost: $20

Measure Plant Base

The first thing you want to do is choose the plant you'd like to use and measure the base. You're going to add about a quarter to a half of an inch to that measurement so the plant will fit without having to squeeze in.

I needed my base to be 6" in diameter so I based my measurements off of that.

Cut Pipe + Dowel

Cut 4 pieces of pipe 3/4" long and 4 pieces 1 1/4" so you will have a total of 8 pieces. These will fit together with your copper tees to create the base. I then decided how tall I wanted my plant stand to be and chose to cut 4 pieces 3 1/4" long and 4 pieces 5 1/4". Once cut, sand the ends of your dowel pieces so the caps will fit smoothly on them.

Put It All Together

I suggest putting the whole thing together to make sure the pieces fit and you have all your measurements correct. Then you'll take it all apart and paint or stain your wooden pieces whichever color you choose. Once the wooden parts are completely dry, use your glue to put all the pieces together. A little bit of Gorilla Glue goes a LONG way so don't use too much! Once all the pieces are together stand it up and use a level to make sure the legs are straight and the base is level. Allow it to dry for a few hours or however long the directions on your glue says. Congrats, you have yourself a plant stand!



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