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Christmas at Home - 2018

How are we already at the end of 2018!? I saw a sign at the mall today talking about 2019 and it freaked me out a little- I still feel like 2017 was just a week ago! Time definitely goes by faster as you get older and my favorite quote since becoming a mom (because it's SO true!) is "the days are long but the years are short". Life can be exhausting at times which makes me appreciate now, more than ever, just how incredibly blessed I am to have my family so close.

My parents and both of my siblings now live in/around Houston which means we're all together for the holidays and my aunts/uncles/most of my cousins are close as well so we all celebrate together. The older I get ,the more I understand how rare that is and the more thankful I am to have everyone so close.

This year we celebrated Christmas Eve at my parents home and Christmas Day at ours. Here are some photos of our time spent together!


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