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Booed! Halloween Game + Free Printable

Anyone remember played the Booed! game as a child? When I was younger I remember surprise treats showing up on our front door with a Boo! sign attached telling us it was now our turn to spread the cheer to a neighbor. It was such a fun surprise and great memory I keep with me to this day!

This is the first year we'll be playing the game in our family since Jax is just now old enough to (sort of) understand how to play, and he's already SO excited to 'Boo!' his friends. I told him to pick a few friends and tonight we'll go leave the treats on their doorsteps for them to wake up to in the morning.

Each of these cost me under $10 in supplies from Walmart and Target which makes it an easy and cheap way to get your kids excited about Halloween and start learning about giving!


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